WooCommerce Product MSRP

Save and display product MSRP in WooCommerce


WooCommerce Product MSRP module allows you to save and display product’s MSRP in WooCommerce.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), also known as the list price, or the recommended retail price (RRP), or the suggested retail price (SRP), of a product is the price at which the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product.

Booster stores MSRP as product meta with _wcj_msrp key.

Single Product Page and Archives Display Options

Possible values: Do not show; Show; Only show if MSRP is higher than the standard price; Only show if MSRP differs from the standard price.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: Show
Possible values: Before the standard price; After the standard price.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: After the standard price
Savings amount. To display this, use %you_save% in “Final Template”. Replaced value: %you_save_raw%__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: (%you_save_raw%)
Savings in Percent
Savings amount in percent. To display this, use %you_save_percent% in “Final Template”. Replaced value: %you_save_percent_raw%__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: (%you_save_percent_raw% %)
Savings amount in percent rounding precision
Default: 0
Final Template
Replaced values: %msrp%, %you_save%, %you_save_percent%__ALG_REMOVE__
<div class="price"><label for="wcj_product_msrp">MSRP</label>: <span id="wcj_product_msrp"><del>%msrp%</del>%you_save%</span></div>

Admin Options

Admin MSRP Input Display
Possible values: Inline; As separate meta box.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: Inline
Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Products > Product MSRP
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