WooCommerce Orders

WooCommerce orders auto-complete; custom admin order list columns; admin order currency


WooCommerce Orders module’s sections:

  • Admin order currency
  • Admin order navigation
  • Orders auto-complete
  • Country by IP
  • Bulk regenerate download permissions for orders

Admin Order Currency

If you need to change order currency for existing order you can do so in this section. This may help if you are creating order manually i.e. from admin dashboard.

Admin Order Currency
When enabled this will add “Booster: Orders” metabox to each order’s edit page.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: no
Admin Order Currency Method
Choose if you want changed order currency to be saved directly to DB, or if you want to use filter. When using filter method, changes will be active only when “Admin Order Currency” section is enabled. When using directly to DB method, changes will be permanent, that is even if Booster plugin is removed. Possible values: Filter; Directly to DB.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: Filter

After section is enabled, metabox with currency selection drop down (with all shop’s currencies) is added to each order’s edit page.

Admin Order Navigation

Admin Order Navigation
When enabled, this will add “Booster: Order Navigation” metabox to each order’s admin edit page. Metabox will contain “Previous order” and “Next order” links.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: no

Orders Auto-Complete

This section lets you enable orders auto-complete function. If you’re selling digital products, you can give your customers instant gratification with the orders auto-complete function. When enabled, all new orders will be automatically marked as status completed.

Auto-complete all WooCommerce orders
E.g. if you sell digital products then you are not shipping anything and you may want auto-complete all your orders.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: no

Country by IP

Add Country by IP Meta Box
When enabled this will add “Booster: Country by IP” metabox to each order’s edit page.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: no

Bulk Regenerate Download Permissions for Orders

This section allows you to regenerate download permissions for multiple orders at once.

Enable section
Enables/disables section bulk regenerate download permissions section.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: no
Bulk Actions
When enabled this will add “Regenerate download permissions” action to “Bulk Actions” select box on admin orders page. __ALG_REMOVE__
Default: no
All Orders – Now
Check this box and press “Save changes” button to start regeneration. Please note that both module and current section must be enabled before that. __ALG_REMOVE__
Default: no
All Orders – Periodically
Possible values: Disabled; Regenerate every 5 minutes; Regenerate every 15 minutes; Regenerate every 30 minutes; Regenerate hourly; Regenerate twice daily; Regenerate daily; Regenerate weekly.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: Disabled
Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Shipping & Orders > Orders
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