WooCommerce Cross-sells

Customize WooCommerce cross-sells products display


WooCommerce Cross-sells module allows you to change the way WooCommerce cross-sells products are displayed in your shop.

Cross-sells are products which you promote in the cart, based on the current product.


Cross-sells Total
Set to zero for WooCommerce default. Set to -1 for unlimited.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: 0
Cross-sells Columns
Set to zero for WooCommerce default.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: 0
Cross-sells Order By
Possible values: No changes (default behaviour); Random; Title; ID; Date; Modified; Menu order; Price.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: No changes (default behaviour)
Cross-sells Order
Possible values: No changes (default behaviour); Descending; Ascending.__ALG_REMOVE__
Default: No changes (default behaviour)
Hide Cross-sells
Default: no
Accessible through:
  • WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Products > Cross-sells
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