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Install & Setup SEO Plugins

Install & Setup the Webshop Theme

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Shop delivered with Demo Content

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About the Theme:

Short description:

Feel the astonishing spirit of the winery with our winery WordPress themes

Wine is a drink of gods. A lot of wine lovers prefer buying wine while visiting the wineries, but not everybody can afford such a trip to the grape land. Why not recreate such a journey online? To make users feel like inside the real winery we have created one of the best winery WordPress themes called WineStory. There you will find a lot of photo and video sections to put your media content and create a real winery atmosphere.

The structure and style of this theme allow you to feel the spirit of the old winery and to go on excursions in this wonderful place without leaving home. The colors are successfully combined with each other. The main emerald color of the winery WordPress theme is associated with grape leaves and it seems like you are going through the grape plants. The video section on the home page shows the typical weekdays of the factory.

Tell about your winery business and sell the wine simultaneously

This winery WordPress theme is created with Elementor page builder and a collection of its add-ons. That is why you can find there not only a lot of common widgets but also WooCommerce elements. It makes WineStory be a great and multi-functional platform both for presenting and selling. All of the pages consist of important information about your winery and dozens of widgets complete the project. To tell more detailed about them:

  • “Home” page is an introductive page. It tells about your company and shows a grid with the most popular wines that you sell. All of the necessary information is located here to let users make an acquaintance and decide if they want to continue reading the site or not.
  • “Single product” page is for full products description. There you will find product image, its title, price, short information, “Add to cart” button, and product grid with other similar items.
  • “Our story” page to tell the history of your winery.
  • “Login” (“My account”) page to enter your personal account.
  • “Bag” page to let customers make an order and check products that they choose to buy.

Don’t forget about the flexible header and footer of the winery WordPress theme. There we have placed a navigation menu, site logo, auth links, subscribe form, social icons, contact data, etc.

Feel free to replace, customize and change any element you want

Despite the beautiful and coherent widget combination of our winery WordPress themes, you are absolutely free to edit it. Simply change the text and data on your own, replace the demo images with your own photos. You can even add more widgets and they will be created in the same style as the other elements of the theme. A bunch of premium widgets is available for you.

Building the website with the Elementor builder and our winery WordPress themes will be a simple task even for those who are nor good in coding. Difficulties happen to everyone but it is not scary, especially if you have such a bonus as 24-hour support. Describe your problem to our qualified support specialists and get a quick answer with a decision.

After placing the order you will receive a document to fill out and send back to us,
together with the picture from your logo. After receiving this document and logo the project starts.

* The installation and setup service is valid for only one website. Advanced coding and layout modifications are not included in the service, but we can make them for an extra fee.

** To finish the project in time, all the requested info should be provided before the project starts.

*** Webshop will be delivered with the demo content.

For more info read our Terms and Conditions 

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