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Install & Setup SEO Plugins

Install & Setup the Webshop Theme

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Install & Setup Security Plugins

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About the Theme:

Short description:

Tasty Tea: build your own tea ecommerce website

Are you tea lover and owner of online tea shop? Pay attention to our tea ecommerce website template. It suits to different stores who sell tea, coffee and other natural and organic items. Green colours of the theme create a calm atmosphere and match to the tea topic. The huge banner with discount offer catches visitor’s attention when they enter your website. Three topics that are put into the rectangles allow them to check the products of these categories by clicking “Discover now” button.

Diversity of pages

Besides the front page which consist of many pieces of necessary information and introduce your project to the audience, tea ecommerce website theme includes other pages that fully discover the store:

  • “Shop” page is the most important for this template because it shows a catalogue with tea products that you sell. They are all placed on one page, so your visitors can briefly check them and choose the ones.
  • “About” page is for company presentation. Tell about your store and about the products that you sell to let customers know about what they buy.
  • “Sale” page shows the items that users can buy with the discount. We put them separately to let easily find them.
  • “Contacts” is the page to stay in touch with you. There are all the necessary data to connect you.
  • “My account” is the customers’ page where they can check their orders, wishes, etc.
  • “Cart” page to check products that customers choose to buy and make an order.

Widget collection of tea ecommerce website

Tasty Tea ecommerce website theme is made with drag-n-drop Elementor builder. That is why it includes a lot of ecommerce widgets that make this skin be a modern and multi-functional platform for selling. In this template you will find:

  • sliders to put information in one place and easily switch it;
  • buttons which simplify the site navigation and call to actions;
  • products grid for showing your products;
  • filter pop-up which appears when you press the “Filter” button and allows you to sort the items by criteria;
  • social network icons which allow customers quickly find your accounts;
  • and many other widgets.

Change with efficiency

In spite of this fact that you buy a ready to use theme there are some things that should be changed. You can easily change the text inside the tea ecommerce website template. But fixing and improving other widgets is also a simple work. Go to the “edit with Elementor” choose the one widget you need to customize and change its settings. Everyone can use this intuitive editor.

But if even in this case you suffer from some difficulties when fixing template or have problems with its installation, ask our 24-hour support specialists for help. They are always ready to solve any of your queries. To get the decision you should only create a ticket in the support system of the marketplace. We will determine the difficulties and give you a solution as soon as possible.

After placing the order you will receive a document to fill out and send back to us,
together with the picture from your logo. After receiving this document and logo the project starts.

* The installation and setup service is valid for only one website. Advanced coding and layout modifications are not included in the service, but we can make them for an extra fee.

** To finish the project in time, all the requested info should be provided before the project starts.

*** Webshop will be delivered with the demo content.

For more info read our Terms and Conditions 

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