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In all Webshops included:

Superfast Webshop Hosting

Install & Setup SEO Plugins

Install & Setup the Webshop Theme

Including the Elementor Pro version

Install & Setup Security Plugins

Install & Setup all Required Theme Plugins

Shop delivered with Demo Content

Install & Setup all added Plugins

About the Theme:

Short description:

Use Stylish and Colourful Theme for Promotion of Your Store

Check out the brand new baby WordPress theme, which will become the greatest solution for the promotion of your online store. This online WooCommerce website is aimed to give visitors a feeling of joy and happiness. Provide a happy childhood for your children and carefree parenthood as well. The neat and minimalistic design of the pages won’t distract the visitors from the products. With the help of this theme, you can easily sell any kind of products, related to kids, from toys to baby care.

What is more important, is that the wide variety of the demo content is waiting for you with the baby WordPress theme. Use anything you need for the successful promotion, from demo icons to images. As for the images, they come compressed so the site works fast on all devices. The online store designed with the help of the Elementor plugin, which makes it a great solution for attracting and engaging customers. It also includes various page templates, which are completely SEO-friendly and optimized. Among them are:

  • Home page, which is aimed to entertain people and give them a short piece of information about your services.
  • About page, where you can showcase a bit more information about your store and leave your contacts.
  • Contacts page, which you can use to showcase your contacts and links on social networks.
  • All collection page, where the widest variety of bright and stylish baby products from baby carriages to bottles is placed.
  • Products page, where your products are showcased in a neat and modern layout.
  • Single product page, which is aimed to introduce your single product.

Explore the Advancer Dynamic Features

The unique possibility of applying multiple features to your website is provided by the baby WordPress theme! Use attractive sliders with testimonials to increase the trust of customers by showcasing the reviews. As well as the categories grid layout aimed to showcase multiple sections with your products. Additionally, the Instagram widget will organize your posts on any page.

The subscription field is situated directly in the footer of the baby WordPress theme, so it’s easy for customers to subscribe to receive newsletters. The Google map widget will help people to find out where your offices are located. As for the contact form, it is aimed to let people write you a message or leave a review. the theme also contains the search field.

what is more, the baby WordPress theme provides you with the ability to make a search within various sections. Which means that clients will be able to filter the products. You can also divide your goods into different categories.

Don’t Hesitate and Ask for Help if Necessary

Having installed the baby WordPress theme, you also get the most helpful and competent team of supporters at your service. Write to us in case you have some trouble while using the theme. We are always ready to help you with any difficulty!

After placing the order you will receive a document to fill out and send back to us,
together with the picture from your logo. After receiving this document and logo the project starts.

* The installation and setup service is valid for only one website. Advanced coding and layout modifications are not included in the service, but we can make them for an extra fee.

** To finish the project in time, all the requested info should be provided before the project starts.

*** Webshop will be delivered with the demo content.

For more info read our Terms and Conditions 

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